Miller, House Republicans call for reopening of local IDES offices

With state shutdown-related unemployment claims still unresolved, Representative Miller and many of his Republican colleagues this week called for the immediate reopening of local Department of Employment Security Offices to help address the needs of families in our communities.

Acting Director Thomas Chan Illinois Department of Employment Security

Dear Director Chan,

During this unprecedented time, we know that your agency is doing all that you can with your limited resources. However, the people of the State of Illinois are suffering. We as a State are failing our residents who must rely on unemployment benefits through no fault of their own.   

In addition to the 360,000 calls per day your office receives, staff from District Offices of State Senators and Representatives send the Department additional hundreds, if not thousands, of requests for assistance. Currently, constituents are waiting an average of 10 days for a response to our inquiries further exacerbating their desperation and leaving them without much needed answers. Constituents deserve the additional resources available to them in your local offices. 

As we have stepped forward to Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois plan the Illinois Secretary of State has re-opened driver’s services facilities to better meet the needs of the citizens of our state as an essential business. With the historic need for unemployment benefits, the question has to be asked why IDES has not done the same? Safety measures to protect staff and citizens can be enforced just as in other businesses and government offices.  


Joe Sosnowski                                                             Dan Brady

State Representative, 69th District                              Deputy Republican Leader, 105th District

Tom Demmer                                                              Tony McCombie

Deputy Republican Leader, 90th District                    State Representative, 71st District

Grant Wehrli                                                               Andrew Chesney

State Representative, 41st District                               State Representative, 89th District

Lindsay Parkhurst                                                       David Severin

State Representative, 79th District                              State Representative, 117th District

Terri Bryant                                                                Patrick Windhorst

State Representative, 115th District                            State Representative, 118th District

David Welter                                                               Jeff Keicher

State Representative, 75th District                              State Representative, 70th District

Keith Wheeler                                                             Mike Murphy

State Representative, 50th District                              State Representative, 99th District

Darren Bailey                                                              Mark Batinick

State Representative, 109th District                            State Representative, 97th District

Tom Weber                                                                 Avery Bourne

State Representative, 64th District                              State Representative, 95th District

Tom Bennett                                                               Amy Grant

State Representative, 106th District                            State Representative, 42nd District

Brad Halbrook                                                            Chris Miller

State Representative, 102nd District                            State Representative, 110th District

Tim Butler                                                                  Randy Frese

State Representative, 87th District                              State Representative, 94th District

Charlie Meier                                                              Dan Caulkins

State Representative, 108th District                            State Representative, 101st District