Rep Miller: No More Business “Winners and Losers” in Stay at Home Orders

While small businesses in our area continue to suffer through the Governor Pritzker’s slow and gradual reopening process, State Representative Chris Miller is sponsoring legislation to ensure small businesses will never again be singled out for prolonged closure by any governor.

House Bill 5796, called the Fair Business Treatment Act, ensures small businesses will be given the same opportunity to remain open that larger, big box stores currently have.  Rep. Miller stressed that from the Governor’s first stay at home order issued months ago, small businesses across the state were unfairly singled out for forced closure.

“For months, big box retailers have been deemed ‘essential’ and allowed to remain open while small businesses in our communities that sell the same items were forced to close their doors. Sadly, some will never reopen. We can’t allow this unfair treatment to ever happen again” Rep. Miller said.

Rep. Miller added that small businesses also actually offer a safer environment for consumers during times of health concerns.

“Small businesses naturally have less foot traffic and fewer shoppers in the store at the same time, making social distancing much easier,” Rep. Miller said.

“Our mom-and-pop stores are the cornerstone of our communities, and all they want is to be treated fairly. The Business Fair Treatment Act ensures they will be,” Rep. Miller concluded.

Rep. Miller said House Bill 5796 is attracting a growing list of co-sponsors. He is eager to work for its prompt consideration in the House when the General Assembly reconvenes.