Rep. Miller Joins Calls to Address FOID Delays

SPRINGFIELD State Representative Chris Miller (R – Oakland) joined fellow Republican legislators and 2nd Amendment supporters to discuss solutions to end delays in FOID card processing, and fund sweeps of $28 million from the Illinois State Police fund which have led to delays in processing FOID card applications and renewals.

“My office is inundated with calls and emails asking about constituent FOID and CCL renewals. These delays have led to frustration in constituents who attempt to call ISP, but no one to talk to. Some are fearful of not being compliant with the law,” Rep. Miller stated. “It’s a shame Springfield politicians swept these funds for decades, meant for the FOID program. They are essentially using these funds as a piggy bank at the expense of law-abiding gun owners. It is indefensible.”

Multiple House Republican members are sponsoring legislation that would reduce costs and regulations for law-abiding gun owners and protect FOID and CCL funding.

  • HB 4391 would ban local government units from imposing taxes or fees on firearms and ammunition.
  • HB 4392 would eliminate the 72-hour waiting period for individuals that have been granted a valid license to carry a concealed handgun under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act.
  • HB 4393 would lower the fee to obtain a concealed carry license from $150 to $100.
  • HB 4397 grants exclusive power to the State of Illinois in regard to the regulation of the ownership and possession of firearms and invalidates existing and future local ordinances or resolutions that require local registration, or local reporting of the sale or transfer of a firearm, and bans municipalities from maintaining any kind of firearm registry.
  • HB 4398 allows any individual that has received a permit to conceal carry a firearm to do so on public transportation.
  • HB 4447 states that any renewal application shall be accepted by the Illinois State Police if submitted within 180 days before the expiration of the applicant’s FOID card or concealed carry license.
  • HB 4448 would require the Illinois State Police to automatically renew any concealed carry license holder’s FOID card as long as their concealed carry license is in good standing until the time that the concealed carry license expires.
  • HB 4450 spells out the process by which any appeal of the denial of a FOID card or concealed carry license must be handled and provides specific guidelines for the State Police in regard to the time it takes to process any such appeal.
  • HJRCA 40 would amend the Illinois Constitution to place fees collected from FOID and CCL applicants in a ‘lockbox’ fund that would be protected from future fund sweeps.

In addition to the legislation to address the delays and fund sweeps, Miller has also co-sponsored House Bill 4067. This legislation eliminates the FOID Act.

“If we cannot run an efficient program, then the program should be eliminated,” Rep. Miller said.