Rep. Miller Responds to Governor’s Budget Address

In response to Governor Pritzker’s budget address earlier today, State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) has issued the following statement:

“Last year, Governor Pritzker set a government spending record when he signed a $40 billion state budget for FY 2020. This year, we are hearing more of the same tax and spend policies that have inflated our state’s budget and robbed the pocketbooks of hard-working families. The State of Illinois still owes $7.3 billion in unpaid back bills. That is $7.3 billion in unkept promises –and the Governor’s plan will increase that liability if the voters do not approve of his graduated tax scheme. We can barely afford the budget that we passed last year and now we are considering further increases. Illinois should be working to incentivize investment into the private sector to grow good-paying jobs and the Illinois economy. The taxpayers of the 110th District cannot afford the same failed tax and spend policies year after year.”

The Governor’s Budget Bluebook can be found here.