Rep. Miller Still Fighting Gov. Pritzker’s Tax Scheme: NO ‘Blank Check’ for Unrealistic Spending!

The Democrats’ proposal unveiled yesterday is exactly what Republicans have been saying it would be – no protections for middle-income families and businesses and a blank check for Democrats.

“There is nothing in this plan that prevents tax rates from being raised at any time in the future,” commented Rep. Chris Miller. “It will now be easier for the tax & spend types to raise the rates under the Pritzker tax plan. I believe families and businesses will be hurt by this scheme.”

The current constitution provides safeguards and protections for middle-income families that we desperately need to keep in Illinois. It helps to force lawmakers to face economic and spending realities.

When asked if he’d support protecting middle-income families from future tax increases, the Governor said: 

“…this is something that future legislatures and governors will make about what the rates should be…the future is unknown, and so you want to make sure they have the options that are available in this constitution.”

Those comments fly in the face of the promises that Democrats are making now about who will pay more and who will pay less if we just trust them and approve their plan. The truth about why Democrats in Springfield want to open up the constitution is so they can have more “options” to increase taxes on Illinois families and businesses whenever they want.

As Leader Durkin said, “If the Democrats were sincere about protecting the middle class, then they should have the rates that they are proposing incorporated in the Constitution. Because otherwise, they will be subject to change by the same people that raised taxes over the last 10 years, and you just can’t trust them.”

We cannot trust Democrats in Springfield at their word on this because they’ve lied to Illinois families and businesses over and over and over again. Illinois families can’t afford to give Democrats a blank check.