Rep. Miller Defends President Trump on House Floor!

Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian.

Opposes Hospital Mandate & Retaliation on Cost-Savings

State Representative Chris Miller this week defended President Trump on the House Floor and opposed legislation that would mandate each hospital to post in each emergency room, a notice in a conspicuous location with information about how to enroll in health insurance through the Illinois health insurance marketplace, commonly known as ‘Obamacare.’

“President Trump was attached on the Illinois House Floor for doing his job to govern with a conscience on how taxpayer’s money is spent,” said Rep. Chris Miller. “Southern Illinois rose up to defend our President because it was the right thing to do!”

“This legislation imposes yet another unfunded mandate on hospitals and was just an excuse for the sponsor and others to bash the president because of his recent actions to reduce the marketing budget for the Affordable Care Act also known as the ‘Obamacare’ system,” added Rep. Miller. “It seems to me that when you are in an emergency room to save your child’s life or help someone dealing with a timely health issue, the last thing you are looking on the wall is how to apply for insurance.”

Current law already requires every hospital shall conspicuously post for display in an area of its offices accessible to patients, employees, and visitors:

  1. Its current license;
  2. A description, provided by the Department of Public Health, of complaint procedures established under this Act and the name, address, and telephone number of a person authorized by the Department to receive complaints;
  3. A list of any orders pertaining to the hospital issued by the Department during the past year and any court orders reviewing such Department orders issued during the past year; and
  4. A list of the material available for public inspection below.