Chris Miller Inaugurated State Representative

A New Voice for Conservative Values in Central Illinois

SPRINGFIELD…Chris Miller, a farmer from Oakland, says taking the oath of office for State Representative for the 110th District was a joyous, but also solemn occasion for him.

“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to represent the people of the 110th District in Springfield, but at the same time taking on this responsibility is a serious occasion because of all of the challenges we face in Illinois,” Miller said. “I did not run for office to go to Springfield and attend parties and receptions. I ran because I saw the problems we face as a state and I wanted to do something about it. It was a happy day for me and my family because we worked so hard to get here, but it also was a sober reminder to me of the important tasks that lie ahead.”

State Representative Chris Miller said his priorities as a legislator are to be accessible to the people he represents which is why he will have mobile office hours in all of the counties on non-session days and why he will have district offices in Robinson and Oakland for Constituents to meet with him as needed. He also said he will focus on ways to improve Illinois’ economy.

“Illinois’ budget is a mess, but our budget problems disappear if we grow our economy,” continued Miller. “Last year we lost 45,000 residents who moved out of Illinois. That is unacceptable. How can we grow our economy if we continue to lose residents? I want to focus on job creation and expanding – not shrinking – the tax base in Illinois. If we implement better economic policies in Illinois, we can solve the budget problems facing our state. I will be a tireless advocate in Springfield for the reforms we need to get our economy moving again,” Miller added.

Chris Miller was elected State Representative on Nov. 6, 2018. He and his wife Mary live in Oakland, Illinois and they have seven children and 14 grandchildren. Miller’s core values are rooted in his faith, his family and our freedom.

Rep. Miller may be reached at the Robinson office at 618-544-4800, the Springfield office at 217-558-1040 or on his mobile number at 217-276-2542. Visit his website or connect with Rep. Miller on Facebook.